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Do you like changing clothes and shoes without spending a fortune and above all respecting the environment? One solution is offered by pre-loved clothes, a form of circular economy that is spreading all over the world. Most clothes today are made from polyester or acrylic, both forms of plastic. It’s a by-product of the oil and gas industry, and it’s estimated that it takes about 70 million barrels of oil to produce the polyester used in fabrics each year. At the same time, producing polyester is incredibly heat intensive, meaning that it needs a lot of energy as well as a lot of water in cooling. Polyester is also dyed before it becomes your clothes, using dye which is toxic to humans and animals. Waste water from the dyeing in textile factories ends up in our water system, polluting rivers in areas of the world reliant on this industry. We're buying more than ever from a market that values quality less than ever, and a ravenous appetite for growth is slated to produce 100 million tons of clothing annually by 2030. The fashion industry is responsible for 8 to 10%of global carbon emissions. We can help by filling our closets and drawers with pre-loved pieces instead purchasing them brand new. Shop now and make a difference!



The fashion industry continues to abuse our earth through water pollution, material waste. One pair of jeans alone takes 1800 gallons of water to make! Not to mention the plethora of green house gases created in the making of new clothing is detrimental. Buying secondhand means you’ll be making a difference in more ways than most realize! Reusing clothes keeps plastic out of landfills and positively contributes to the decrease in worldwide textile demand and subsequent waste. Your contribution helps reduce the demand for fast fashion which in turn helps reduce the demand for slave labor and sweatshops. You are rooting for a fairer world!



 Donating or reselling your clothing is also a very important step in fixing the problem. The fact is, we all have too much stuff. From junk drawers to overpacked closets and bursting-at-the-seams garages, we could all stand to pare down a bit. Doing a large de-clutter is one of the best ways to clear our minds and homes from the chaos of trying to manage so many knickknacks. These items are still perfectly good, just not for you anymore.



An average American only wears a new piece of clothing on average of 7 times before discarding it.  When you buy good quality thrifted clothing, the odds are that they will last you a long, long time (with proper care). Until a few years ago, clothes were built to be robust and long-lasting. But with the culture of built-in obsolescence and fast fashion taking over, clothes have, for the most part, become disposable almost. The sale of second-hand items has grown exponentially in recent years, thanks above all to the thousands of dedicated websites and e-commerce. Buying secondhand also gives you a lot more unique style options and chances are you wont find the same thing twice or another person wearing the same thing as you. So, if you want one of a kind clothing and want to create your own style than thrifting is for you!

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