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Vintage Ivy represents the modern woman with a vintage soul. 


I created this boutique because I was getting bored of shopping at the same malls with the same overpriced items that just didn't have any flare or uniqueness to them. So, I started to do a lot of thrift shopping and found that there are a lot of really nice, affordable secondhand and brand new pieces out there just waiting to be found! My niche is being able to travel all around the world to get inspiration from all different cultures, find clothing, and change a woman's prospective of  it. I can then, bring all these unique styles into one place to make them easily accessible to anyone. I personally hand pick every piece to match a bohemian, modern, retro vintage ascetic but really the store isn’t just one style. Vintage Ivy plays on both vintage and modern trends. As an Ivy plant can live forever and adapt to any climate, vintage never really goes out of style. I only purchase new or gently used items with little, to no signs of wear to them. There is truly something for everyone to find!


Secondhand clothing is on the rise, be apart of the movement to reduce, reuse and refashion!

Join the Facebook group Thrifty Finds to be apart of an amazing thirfting community and share your own favorite finds!

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